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We can’t be a club without YOU! We are hoping you sill share your unique vision and insight with us and our community here in the Club.

We are looking for submissions to uplift and inspire our group. We are most interested in first person short essays and reviews. We want you to share your passions with us! What inspires you? We want you to take the things that make you squee and put them in an email and send it to us! Conversely, if there is something that enrages you, and energizes you, we are accepting pieces about that too.

We aren’t currently accepting any fiction or poetry.

Please keep in mind the target age range for our site. We want to include everyone, but we want readers aged 10 to 15 to feel right at home with the adult readers. While we don’t have a problem with some profanity and explicit discussion of human bodies, we do reserve the right to edit submissions or outright refuse those they do not seem appropriate for our audience.

Below you will find tips for submitting different items for us. If you have something in mind that isn’t listed below, send it on over!

Email Us

Do you have a book, movie, tv show, website, or album that you just LOVE? Tell us all about it! We are looking for reviews that tell us why we should like that thing too. What feelings did it inspire in you? Was it life changing? Why? Write to us like we are your besties and tell us allllll about it.

You can submit your review as an attachment, a google doc, or in the body of your text.

Submit Your Review

We love sharing good music! Do you have a themed playlist you’d like to share with this Club? Share your Spotify Playlist link with us, and please write a couple of compelling paragraphs about why you think it is of interest for this site.

We are looking for inspirational playlists that also educate! For example, you could share with us the history of Riot Grrrl music, best current pop music, or songs perfect for playing in the background while we write our protest postcards.

We will review it and if we accept it we will recreate it on our own Spotify account. We will give you full credit for making the mix on our posts on this site and on social media shares, as well as on the playlist description on our Spotify account.

We would love to hear who your Sheroes are! We’d love to know about Women and Men who have inspired you. We are looking for essays about artists, musicians, authors, activists, historical figures, or even fictional ones.

Tell us what makes that person special to you. While we love that you love your family or friends, this category is really for cultural icons. We are sure you love your grandma, but if we haven’t heard of her, we aren’t probably going to publish an essay about her. Although, who knows, if she’s a real muckraker, we just might.

Submit Your Shero

We will review your submission and get back to you as soon as possible. For all cases, excepting playlists, if we choose to use your submission we’ll send you a contributor’s agreement and any suggestions for revisions if necessary. You can follow up with us anytime at