What Is This Club?

We started this club as a place to welcome people of all ages into the feminist movement, but we are specifically talking to people ages 10-15. This can be a time when a lot of questions are coming up about your body, your autonomy, and how you fit into the world.

We aim to educate young people about what feminism REALLY is. I think a fabulous definition of the movement comes from the AMAZING book Here We Are: Feminism For The Real World (that’s an affiliate link, FYI):

  • Feminists come in every shape, size, form, and background.
  • What unites feminists is the belief that every person – regardless of gender, class, education, race, sexuality, or ability – deserves equality.
  • This is a movement about embracing differences and encouraging change that benefits all facets of society.
  • This is a movement about listening as much as it is about speaking up.

Think of this club as gender studies for the younger set. If you’ve ever taken a gender or women’s studies class in college, didn’t you have the feeling you wished you had learned this all a LOT earlier? Here’s our chance to share that information with the people who are just entering the trenches.

Listen, we want to have fun and we want to learn from each other too. The ultimate goal here is to create a place where we all can feel positive and motivated to take action in our lives and in our community.

Membership here is automatic. Just by reading this, you are already a member of this club! So we welcome you and hope you’ll stick around and hang out with us and tell us what you are into.